Foxconn Connect Partner Program

Foxconn Connect Partner Program
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Foxconn, a company who has $80bn+ turnover, nearly 1,000,000 employees, 40 production facilities and 35 R&D centres all over the world has always been recognized as the world’s largest design and manufacturing company for many of the famous brands. Though benefit from economies of scale in sourcing and manufacturing, Foxconn ensures that all of its products are reliable and high-quality. Plus the advantages of blank Foxconn branding on finished products and the complete Barebones solutions for local brands, Foxconn has become the most value-added channel partner for worldwide distributors.

Connect Partner Program---Your Wealth/Business/Fortune Accelerator

image005.gifConnect Partner Program is a win-win strategy proposed by image006.gifFoxconn. You can participate in this project start by signing the Partner Agreement. Afterwards, you will be able to connect with Foxconn or any our participating distributors, purchase Foxconn products and start collecting points or earning rebate. During this process, Foxconn will send you a progress report every month calculated from the sales reports of our participating distributors or even advise you the total rebate to be claimed at the end of each quarter. You simply need to send an invoice to Foxconn and we will send payment directly to your bank account.

Powered by Foxconn

image007.pngThe Powered by Foxconn logo has also become a mark of quality, reassuring you that the product was designed and manufactured using Foxconn’s vast expertise in delivering high levels of quality to global brands.

For more details of the Connect Partner Program, please contact:

Tel: +44-1908-576380
Fax: +44-1908-576387
E-mail: foxconn- service@foxconn.com