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  • Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Extreme, Core™2 Duo, Pentium® EE, Pentium® D, Pentium® 4, Celeron® D processors , Socket T (LGA775) 
  • 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz (FSB) 
  • Dual Channel DDR2 800 / 667 x 4 DIMMs, Max 8GB 
  • 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x4, 1 x PCIe x1, 3 x PCI
  • ATA x1, SATAII x 5
  • 7.1 channel Audio, Realtek (HDA) 
  • GbE LAN (Marvell)
  • 10 USB 2.0 ports
Sold In: North and South America, APAC, China, Europe


Based on the Intel® P965 Express Chipset, this motherboard supports Intel® Core™2 Quad and Core™2 Duo processors with FSB up to 1066MHz. With onboard HD Audio, RAID, Gigabit LAN and FoxOne™ overclocking and system monitoring technology, this motherboard is a proven and stable mainstream performance solution.

Supports latest Intel® Core™2 Quad and Core™2 Duo processors up to 1066MHz FSB
Multimedia enthusiasts, prepare to enthuse. Bring quad-core performance to your desktop with the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor. It's the ideal engine for highly threaded entertainment applications and highly productive multitasking.


With advancements in memory performance, responsiveness, power efficiency and data protection, the Intel® P965 Express Chipset allows your PC to be the center of home computing, communication, and entertainment.

Dual-channel DDR2 800/667MHz memory, 8GB. Max.
Enjoy a faster, smoother, more productive computing experience with capacity for up to 8GB of DDR2 memory!

1* PCIe x16, 1* PCIe x4 expansion slots for installing discrete graphics solutions

7.1 Channel HD Audio
8 channels of High Definition Surround sound turn your PC into a true multi-media centre; enjoy movies, music and games greater audio quality. Intel HD Audio delivers multiple audio channels in your PC so you can listen to two different streams simultaneously in two seperate rooms.


Gigabit LAN interface provides for high-speed network connections, with a data transfer rate up to 1000Mb/s - ideal for streaming multi-media content online.  

Rear-mounted eSATA connector provides super-fast and convenient interface to a range of external storage devices.

4* SATAII connectors provide for fast, reliable and adaptable storage capability.


A total of 10* USB2.0 ports (4 rear-mounted) allow you to connect a huge range of devices.

Windows Vista™ Premium Certified
Microsoft Windows Vista™ is designed to dramatically improve the computing experience of every kind of PC user—from people at home who use their PCs for simple web browsing, to business people who must organize and act on large volumes of data, to scientists who routinely perform complex mathematical analysis.

With a dedicated on-board FoxOne™ chipset and specialist control software working in tandem,  FoxOne™ brings intelligent system controls to your PC. Now you can easily tweak your system performance with a range of Windows and BIOS accessible controls, monitor performance and system temperatures, and activate preset performance modes.

Quickly and easily update your system and drivers through the easy Windows-based FoxLiveUpdate utility.



Processor Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Extreme, Core™2 Duo, Pentium® EE, Pentium® D, Pentium® 4, Celeron® D processors , Socket T (LGA775)
Chipset Intel P965 + ICH8
Front Side Bus 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz
Memory Dual Channel DDR2 800 / 667 x 4 DIMMs, Max 8GB
VGA on Die N/A
Expansion Slots 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x4, 1 x PCIe x1, 3 x PCI
IDE ATA 133 x 1
(To advance IDE transfer speed, you may install JMicron IDE-SATA RAID Drive. You can download the drive by clicking the "drive" icon at the left side.)
Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID 4 x SATAII + 1 x eSATA
Audio 7.1 channel Audio with Realtek ALC883 (HDA)
LAN GbE LAN with Marvell 88E8056 (PCIe)
IEEE1394 N/A
Back Panel I/O Ports 1 set 7.1 channel Audio jack (5 jacks)
1 x PS/2 keyboard
1 x PS/2 mouse
1 x parallel port
4 x USB 2.0
1 x RJ45
1 x Serial port
1 x eSATA
1 x S/PDIF Fibre out
Internal I/O Connectors ATX 24-Pin power connector
8-pin ATX 12V power connector
CPU / System / NB FAN connectors
CD-in connector
Front panel audio connector
1x ATA133 HD connectors
Front panel connector
1x IEEE1394 connector support additional one port
3x USB 2.0 connector support additional 6 ports
1x Floppy disk drive connector
4x Serial ATAII connectors
1x Speaker
1x Intrusion Alarm header
BIOS Features LPC 4MB, ACPI 2.0b, APM 1.2, PnP 1.0a, SMBIOS 2.3, USB 2.0
Support CD Drivers, DirectX, Adobe Reader, SuperUtilities, Norton Internet Security
Standards/Manageability PCI 2.3, USB2.0, DMI 2.0
Special Features SuperRecovery, SuperBoot, SuperBIOS-Protect, SuperStep, Fox Live Update, Superspeed, Ratio Free, Fox One
Form Factor ATX (12"x9.6")


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Tech Support

File Description Version Size Updated Date
P9657AA-8KS2H update cpu micro code(cpuid=10661h). 638F1P51 424KB 8/18/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Fix ECP function fail. 638F1P50 416KB 3/10/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Update micro code cupid=06FBH. 638F1P49 416KB 1/16/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Fix 430 CPU temperature low issue. 638F1P48 413KB 10/16/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H Fix the QX6700 cpu S3 fail issue. 638F1P47 413KB 8/22/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H Fixed the cpu of Conroe-L/QXZY C1E function fail 638F1P46 407KB 5/30/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H Fixed floopy do not find in dos and winxp. 638F1P41 406KB 3/20/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H From this version , vista is supported. 638F1P39 405KB 1/27/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H update Jmb361 rom bin file. 638F1P32 402K 10/23/2006
P9657AA-8KS2H Fixed the post Screen show 'Cmos Checksum error' error information issue. 638F1P28 394K 9/4/2006
P9657AA-8KS2H 1.Patch CODE Solved the Clear Cmos After don't detect 5/6 SATA HDD issue 2.Patch CODE Solved Clear Cmos After SATA 5 port show error issue. 3.Patch 638F1P25 398K 8/4/2006
P9657AA-8KS2H 1.For Non Conroe CPU DOT function implement. 2.solved the different PCBA the GPIO16 function is normal. 3.fixed the power button delay 4s issue. 4 638F1P23 393K 7/23/2006
P9657AA-8KS2H Fixed DDR DIMM POST screen bank display error. 638F1P21 391K 7/1/2006
File Description Version Size Updated Date
P9657AA-8KS2H Jmicron IDE-SATA Raid driver R1.17.06_WHQL 2.99MB 1/17/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H Marvell LAN Driver for WinVista. 6.79MB 6/6/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Marvell LAN Driver. 6.79MB 6/6/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Intel Chipset Driver. 1.93MB 1/11/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Realtek HDA Audio Driver for WinVista. 107MB 1/9/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H Realtek HDA Audio Driverfor Win2K&Win2003&WinXP. 71.4MB 1/9/2008
P9657AA-8KS2H JMicron raid driver. 3.97MB 3/9/2007
File Description Version Size Updated Date
P9657AA-8KS2H English manual V1.0 10.6MB 5/11/2010
File Description Version Size Updated Date
P9657AA-8KS2H FoxOne chipset and specialist control software 14.6MB 6/26/2007
P9657AA-8KS2H FOX LiveUpdate. 2.64MB 1/9/2008

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