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- Intel® Pentium D, Pentium® 4, Celeron D processors, Socket T (LGA775)
- 533/800MHz front side bus (FSB)
- Single channel DDRII 533 / 400 x2 DIMMs
- 1 x AGP 8x, 3 x PCI
- ATA x 2 + Serial ATA x 2 w/ RAID
- 5.1 channel Audio, AC’97 interface (Realtek)
- 10/100M LAN (Realtek)
- 8 USB 2.0 ports


Processor Intel® Pentium D, Pentium® 4, Celeron D processors, Socket T (LGA775
Chipset VIA P4M800 Pro + 8237R Plus
Front Side Bus 533/800MHz front side bus (FSB)
Memory Single channel DDRII 533 / 400 x2 DIMMs
VGA on Die Integrated
Expansion Slots 1 x AGP 8x, 3 x PCI
IDE ATA133 x 2
Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID Serial ATA x 2 with RAID 0, 1, JBOD
Audio 5.1 channel, AC’97 interface, Realtek ALC653
LAN 10/100M, Realtek RTL8100C
IEEE1394 N/A
Back Panel I/O Ports 1 x PS/2 keyboard
1 x PS/2 mouse
1 x parallel
1 x COM
4 x USB 2.0
1 x RJ45
1 set 5.1 channel Audio jacks (3 jacks)
1 x VGA
Internal I/O Connectors 2 x USB 2.0 headers, support 4 ports
1 x Intruder
1 x IrDA header
1 x CD IN
1 x speaker header
1 x COM2 header
1 x AUX-IN
1 x Front Audio
1 x Front panel
1 x SPDIF out header
1 x Buzzer
BIOS Features LPC-4Mb, ACPI 1.0b, APM 1.2, PnP 1.0a, SMBIOS 2.3, USB 2.0, WfM 2.0
Support CD Chipset Drivers, DirectX, RAID Driver, USB 2.0 Driver, Audio Driver, Network Driver, Adobe Reader, SuperUtilities, Norton Internet Security
Standards/Manageability USB 2.0, WfM 2.0, DMI 2.0, WOL by PME, LPC 1.1 Interface
Special Features STR (Suspend-to-Ram); STD (Suspend-to-Disk); SuperRecovery, SuperBoot,SuperBIOS-Protect, SuperLevel, SuperStep, SuperLogo, SuperUpdate
Form Factor Micro ATX (9.6” x 8.66”)


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Tech Support

File Description Version Size Updated Date
P4M800P7MB-RS2H Update Micro Code 5B4F1P28 448KB 6/1/2007
P4M800P7MB-RS2H Change default year to 2007 5B4F1P26 446KB 4/24/2007
P4M800P7MB-RS2H Change BIOS edition only.(P4M800P7MB-RS2H support Vista ready) 5B4F1P23. 386KB 10/27/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H 1.Fixed Usb & PS2 KB will hang the system if connect together. 2.Fix use 0F64H & 0F65H cpu temperature too low in setup 3.Update BIOSID 5B4F1P20 444K 8/17/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H 1.update osb logo (3.51 black) . 2.update macro code (0F64H,0F65H). 3.Fix turn power off screen disorderliness issue. 4.Fix The temp in os is def 5B4F1P17 446K 8/7/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H 1.Modify to follow dimm buffer re-change form(datacode 5473 ) to (datacode 6185). 5B4F1P15 453K 5/16/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H 1.re-Modify DIMM buffer configuration to follow realtek recommend. 5B4F1P12 389KB 3/18/2005
File Description Version Size Updated Date
P4M800P7MB-RS2H LAN drivers for 32 bit. v6.21 4.35M 6/8/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H VIA 8237 SouthBridge RAID Driver 1.Correct wrong version sting showed at setup program. V5.30C 7.34M 10/16/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H Audio Drivers for 32bit. v3.94 30.5MB 11/9/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H VIA Chipset drivers for 32 bit. 7.53M 6/8/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H Intel on board USB2.0 driver 2.0 9.98M 6/8/2006
P4M800P7MB-RS2H VGA drivers for 32 bit. 20.3M 6/8/2006
File Description Version Size Updated Date
P4M800P7MB-RS2H English manual V1.0 12.7MB 6/4/2009

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