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- Intel® Pentium® 4, Celeron D processors, Socket T (LGA775)
- FSB 1066 / 800 MHz
- Dual channel DDR2 533/667 x4 DIMMs
- PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x 1
- ATA x 2 + SATAII x 4
- 7.1 channel Audio, HDA (Realtek)
- GbE LAN (Broadcom)
- 8 USB 2.0 ports


Processor Support Intel® Smithfield, Pentium® 4, Celeron D, Socket T (LGA775) Prescott processors
Chipset Intel® 945G + Intel® ICH7
Front Side Bus 1066 / 800 MHz FSB
Memory Dual channel DDR2 533/667 x4 DIMMs
VGA on Die Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Expansion Slots 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI
IDE 1 x ATA 133, 1 x ATA 100
Audio Realtek ALC 880 header for Intel Azalia
IEEE1394 N/A
Back Panel I/O Ports 1 set 7.1 channel Audio jack (6 jacks)
1 x PS/2 keyboard
1 x PS/2 mouse
1 x parallel
1 x COM
4 x USB 2.0
1 x RJ45
1 x VGA
Internal I/O Connectors 2 x USB 2.0 headers support 4 ports
1 x S/PDIF header
1 x IrDA header
1 x CD IN header
1 x AUX IN header (reserve)
1 x TPM
4 x SATAII connectors
1 x front audio header
1 x buzzer
1 x COM2 (reserve)
BIOS Features FWH 4MB, ACPI 1.0b, APM 1.2, PnP 1.0a, SMBIOS 2.3, USB 2.0, WfM 2.0
Support CD Chipset Drivers, DirectX, RAID Driver, USB 2.0 Driver, VGA Driver, Audio Driver, Network Driver, Adobe Reader, Super Utility, Norton Internet Security
Standards/Manageability PCI 2.3, USB2.0; WfM 2.0, DMI 2.0
Special Features USB, keyboard & mouse; STR (Suspend-to-Ram), STD (Suspend-to-Disk), SuperRecovery, SuperBoot, SuperBIOS-Protect, SuperLevel, SuperStep, SuperLogo, SuperUpdate by CD Driver, Ratio Free
Form Factor Micro ATX (9.6” x 9.6”)


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Tech Support

File Description Version Size Updated Date
945G7MA-8KS2H Update micro code(Cpuid=0F65h,platform id=04h) 4BFF1P56 485KB 4/19/2007
945G7MA-8KS2H 1.Add CPU temperature up 18C for 9XX CPU. 2.Update CPU u-code. (0F4Ah, 0F62h, 0F64h) 3.Update Intel OSB logo. 4.Fix full screen logo abnormal on so 4BFF1P40 490 KB 8/16/2005
File Description Version Size Updated Date
945G7MA-8KS2H Intel on board LAN driver for Broadcom 5788/5789, LAN Broadcom 4401 Broadcom 5788/5789 37.4MB 8/31/2005
945G7MA-8KS2H Intel on board Audio drivers for 32 bit. ALC880,ALC655 104mb 8/16/2005
945G7MA-8KS2H Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility 919KB 8/19/2005
945G7MA-8KS2H Intel Raid Driver. 17.8MB 5/7/2008
945G7MA-8KS2H Intel on board VGA drivers for 945 4.83MB 8/31/2005
945G7MA-8KS2H Intel on board ITE driver 3.91M 7/12/2006
File Description Version Size Updated Date
945G7MA-8KS2H english manual 1.0 16.5MB 6/4/2009

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