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  • Supports the Intel® second / third generation Core™ i7 / Core™ i5 / Core™ i3 processors with Socket 1155 
  • Integrated USB3.0 
  • On board VGA, DVI, HDMI 
  • Intel® HD Graphics, support DX11 
  • Supports PCIE Gen3.0 
  • 100% SOLID capacitor design
    • Sold In: Global


      With Intel®  Small business Advantage technology, the B75M is fully equipped to provide the advanced of an efficient and versatile corporate computing solution based on Intel® GEN3/GEN2 Core™ i7 , Core™ i5 processors.  With the onboard DirectX 11 compliant graphics engine, 5.1channel HD audio, and a range of connectivity options including SATAII,SATAIII and USB3.0,also included on this Microsoft Windows 7 ready motherboard - it is fully equipped for the corporate environment.i7i5i3_LGA1155_1.png

      intel quick sync video.pngDirectx 11 Intel.pngintel turbo boost technology.png1600MHZ.pngHDMI.pngpcie 3.0.pngUSB3.0.pngSATA3.png5.1HDA.pnglive update.pngfox one.pngfox logo.pngfox care.pngsmart charger.pngsolid capacitors.pngeasy pin.png


      Processor Supports the Intel® second / third generation Core™ i7 / Core™ i5 / Core™ i3 processors with Socket 1155
      Supports Intel 22/32nm Hi-K CPU
      Max 95w
      Notes:Please check our CPU compatibility table for full details
      Chipset Intel B75 chipset
      Front Side Bus
      Memory 4* dual-channel 1600MHz DDRIII slots, up to 32GB
      VGA on Die Intel® HD Graphics, support VGA,DVI and HDMI display interface
      Expansion Slots 1* PCIe 3.0 x16 slot
      1* PCIe x1 slot
      2* PCI bus slots
      Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID 1* SATAIII, 5* SATAII,
      Audio 5.1channel HD Audio
      LAN Gbe Lan
      Back Panel I/O Ports 1x VGA port
      1x DVI port
      1x HDMI port
      1x Display port
      1x PS/2 Keyboard port
      1x PS/2 Mouse port
      1x RJ45 LAN + Dual USB 2.0 port
      1x Dual USB3.0 port
      1x 3 Jack Audio port
      Internal I/O Connectors 1x ATX 24-Pin power connector.
      1x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector.
      3x 4-pin CPU/SYS Fan
      1x Front pannel header
      1x Front Audio header
      1x CD_IN header
      1x TPM header
      1x LPT header
      1x COM header
      5x SATA2 connectors
      1x SATA3 connectors
      3x USB2.0 headers
      1x USB3.0 header
      1x SPDIF_OUT
      1x Speaker header
      1x CLR_CMOS
      1x INTR header
      1x CIR header
      BIOS Features 2x 32Mb flash EEPROM w/ LAN boot PnP, ACPI, WfM, DMI 2.0
      Support CD Drivers, Adobe Reader, SuperUtilities, Norton Internet Security
      Standards/Manageability PCIe 3.0, PCI 2.3, USB 3.0/2.0, SMBIOS2.7
      Special Features
      Form Factor mATX (9.6" x 8.8")


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      Tech Support

      File Description Version Size Updated Date
      B75M Release new BIOS BA6F1P08 12.0MB 3/20/2014
      B75M Release new BIOS. BA6F1P07 11.9MB 4/20/2013
      B75M Release new BIOS, support windows 8 BA6F1P06 11.5MB 12/12/2012
      B75M Release new BIOS. BA6F1P05 10.3MB 11/3/2012
      B75M Release new BIOS. BA6F1P04 9.68MB 8/29/2012
      B75M Update ME from to BA6F1P03 9.69MB 6/20/2012
      B75M Patch for always boot from HDD whatever boot option set. BA6F1P02 9.66MB 5/21/2012
      B75M First release BIOS BA6F1P01 9.60MB 5/21/2012
      File Description Version Size Updated Date
      B75M Chipset Driver for win8.1&win8&win7 236MB 5/10/2014
      B75M chipset driver,support win8 & win7 & winxp 4.11MB 12/12/2012
      B75M Chipset driver 2.82MB 5/21/2012
      B75M VGA Driver for win8.1\win8\win7(Sandybrige) 244MB 5/10/2014
      B75M VGA driver for Win7&Win8 32 bit 106MB 12/12/2012
      B75M VGA driver for Win7&Win8 64 bit 134MB 12/12/2012
      B75M LAN Driver for win8.1\win8 8.20.815.2013 5.71MB 5/10/2014
      B75M LAN driver for Win 8 8.2.612.2012 5.57MB 12/12/2012
      B75M VGA driver for Win 7 & Vista 32-bit 112MB 5/21/2012
      B75M VGA driver for Win 7 & Vista 64-bit 150MB 5/21/2012
      B75M ME driver 57.2MB 5/21/2012
      B75M LAN driver for Win 7 7.050.1123.2011 5.56MB 5/22/2012
      B75M LAN driver for vista 6.250.0908.2011 5.51MB 5/22/2012
      B75M Audio Driver for win8.1&win8&win7 217MB 5/10/2014
      B75M Audio driver for win8 129MB 12/12/2012
      B75M Audio driver 121MB 5/21/2012
      B75M LAN driver for Win xp 5.792.1208.2011 5.45MB 8/15/2012
      B75M CIR Driver for win8.1 5.2.1000.0 5.57MB 5/10/2014
      B75M ITECIR drivers for Win8 5.58MB 12/12/2012
      B75M ITECIR 5.44MB 5/21/2012
      B75M AHCI Driver for win8.1\win8\win7 10.7MB 5/10/2014
      B75M AHCI&RAID driver for WIN8 & WIN7 10.1MB 12/12/2012
      B75M RAID Driver 12.6MB 8/15/2012
      B75M VGA Driver for win8.1\win8\win7(Ivybridge) 250MB 5/10/2014
      B75M USB3.0 Driver (WIN 7) 5.06MB 5/21/2012
      B75M ME Driver for win8.1\win8\win7 68.8MB 5/10/2014
      B75M VGA driver for Win XP 32-bit 22.1MB 5/21/2012
      B75M VGA driver for Win XP 64-bit 28.4MB 5/21/2012
      B75M NET32 drivers(Install NET32 driver before chipset driver) 231MB 5/21/2012
      B75M USB3.0 Driver for win8.1\win8\win7 5.06MB 5/10/2014
      File Description Version Size Updated Date
      B75M User manual V1.1 5.07MB 12/18/2012
      B75M User manual V1.0 4.46MB 5/21/2012
      File Description Version Size Updated Date
      B75M Norton 2013 193MB 5/10/2014
      B75M Norton 2012 119MB 5/21/2012
      B75M Intel SBA 79.3MB 5/10/2014
      B75M FOX LiveUpdate,support win8 & win7 & winxp 5.96MB 12/13/2012
      B75M FOX LiveUpdate 5.88MB 5/21/2012
      B75M FOX LOGO,support win8 & win7 & winxp 8.69MB 12/13/2012
      B75M FOX DMI, support win8 & win7 & winxp 4.46MB 12/13/2012
      B75M FOX ONE,support win8 & win7 & winxp 16.9MB 12/13/2012
      B75M FOX ONE 16.9MB 5/21/2012
      B75M FOX LOGO 9.81MB 5/21/2012
      B75M FOX DMI 4.46MB 5/21/2012
      B75M SmartCharger, support win8 & win7 & winxp 3.00MB 12/13/2012
      B75M Intel SBA 58.7MB 5/21/2012
      B75M SmartCharger 3.00MB 5/21/2012

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