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H97M Plus
Mainstream segement MB, target to meet Intel® 9 series chipset platform demands of enthusiasts and gamers.Support LGA1150 for 4th Generation Intel® Coretm processors with the latest H97 single chipset. The H97M allows you to build powerful PCs on a budget. With Intel®  Small business Advantage technology and RAID storage technology, the H97M is fully equipped to provide the advanced of an efficient and versatile corporate computing solution. It is the best MB with VGA,HDMI and DVI integrated,supportting dual channel 4 DIMMs DDR3 memory up to 32 GB at 1600MHz at the same time.  Super charge,SATA express and iMAX audio are also included on this Windows 8.1 ready motherboard.
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Processor Supports the Intel® 4th generation Core™ i7 / Core™ i5 / Core™ i3
Chipset Intel® H97 Chipset
Front Side Bus
Memory 4* dual-channel 1600MHz DDR3/DDR3L slots, up to 32GB
VGA on Die
Expansion Slots • 1x PCI Express3.0 x16 slot
• 1x PCI Express x16 slots(run x4)
• 2x PCI slot
Serial ATA(SATA)/RAID Support 4 internal SATA3 devices.Support 1 SATA Express devices
Audio Support iMax audio;Compliant with HDA interface
LAN Supports Gigabit LAN
Back Panel I/O Ports 1x PS2 keyboard port
1x PS2 Mouse port
1x HDMI port
1x DVI port
1x VGA port
2x USB 2.0 ports
4x USB 3.0 ports
1x RJ45 port
1x 3-port audio jacks
Internal I/O Connectors 1x ATX 24-Pin power conn
1x 4-pin ATX 12V power conn
1x 4-pin CPU FAN header
1x 4-pin System Fan header
1x Front pannel header
1x Front Audio header
1x LPT header
2x COM header
1x TPM header
4x SATA3 conn
1x SATA Express conn
2x USB2.0 headers
1x USB3.0 header
1x speaker
1x CLR_CMOS header
1x ME header
BIOS Features 64M SPI Flash EEPROM w/ LAN boot PnP, ACPI, WfM, DMI 2.0
Support CD
Special Features
Form Factor mATX form factor 9.6 inch x 9.0 inch


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Tech Support

File Description Version Size Updated Date
H97M Plus BIOS update DC3F1P03 9.92MB 3/21/2015
H97M Plus Release new BIOS DC3F1P02 8.30MB 5/17/2014
H97M Plus First release BIOS DC3F1P01 8.31MB 5/17/2014
File Description Version Size Updated Date
H97M Plus LAN Driver for win8.1 8.20.815.2013 5.72MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus LAN Driver for win7 8.20.618.2013 5.79MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus Audio Driver for win8.1&win7 213MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus USB 3.0 Driver for win7 5.15MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus Raid Driver for win8.1&win7 12.6MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus VGA Driver for win8.1&win7 218MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus Chipset Driver for win8.1&win7 2.31MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus ME Driver for win8.1&win7 102MB 5/14/2014
File Description Version Size Updated Date
H97M Plus User Manual V1.0 5.03MB 5/14/2014
File Description Version Size Updated Date
H97M Plus Intel Smart Connect Technology 29.7MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus Norton 2013 193MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus IntelSBA 85.2MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus FOX DMI 4.46MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus iMAXAudio 1.28MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus FOX LiveUpdate 5.98MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus FOX LOGO 8.74MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus FOX ONE 17.3MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus RealSpeed_InstallShield 5.16MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus Adobe 26.1MB 5/14/2014
H97M Plus Microsoft 33.6MB 5/14/2014

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